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Tower Of London To Cambridge

Posted by Melody

I got up early this morning and packed the rest of my stuff up to have it in the lobby by 9am; then I had breakfast. After I got finished with breakfast, I put my stuff on the bus and we were off to the Tower of London. Along the way, I quickly snapped some popular places in London that I did not have time to see; like the London Eye and Big Ben...

Big Ben & London Eye

Big Ben

The London Eye

We got to the Tower of London and was processed through, much like that of an airport. We put our little "educational visitor" stickers on and were set loose to explore. I went to the area where you could walk along the wall and inside different places. There were many coins and the like on display, as well as pottery and figures that children would play with. One sight that I thought was pretty cool was seeing the Tower Bridge out of a window of the Tower of London...

Tower Bridge from the window at the Tower of London

I circled through all of the displays and saved looking at the Crown Jewels of England for the last part. The exhibition had panels hanging up telling the history of the people who used the jewels, where they came from, and how they were used throughout history. As I moved closer to the jewels themselves, I watched 4 videos along the way. One was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, following with videos about the various pieces seen from the first video played side by side with parts of the video where they were used. I then got to see the crown jewels, as well as tons of gold and other jewels. It was quite a sight to see. I do not think I could ever forget the punchbowl. It was almost my height, three times my size, and it was all gold. Even the punch scoop was gold...wow.

After I was finished there, I picked up a postcard for mom and dad and then headed back to the bus. Our bus had a problem with it, so we waited a few minutes on the replacement bus to come. We shifted our stuff and then we were off to Cambridge.

I put my stuff in the room and got a little situated, then went to Staples for some school stuff. After that, I organized my papers for school and reconnected my laptop via VNC. I went off to do laundry and I read some stuff for class while the load was washing and drying. I came back and put my laundry up, then checked my e-mail and such, and went to bed.

New word of the day: drawing pin = thumbtack

Cheerio poppets!


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