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To help alleviate some confusion (or curiosity), here's the answers to the most common questions I have received...

How to leave a comment...

-Click on "comments (#)" at the bottom of the given entry
-Give it time to reload the page (should take just a few seconds depending on your connection)
-Click in the white space and type your comment
-Right under the white space, beside of "Comment as," click on the dropdown box
-Choose how you want your comment represented:

Google: If you have Gmail, a Blogspot blog of your own, or any other Google-owned account, you can log in as that account to direct traffic toward your website/blog/page/etc.
LiveJournal/WordPress/TypePad/AIM/OpenID: Same function as the Google one, just choose the account you would like to log in to.
Name/URL: This will pop-up a small box where you can type your name, then add in your website address (optional).
Anonymous: Just leave your comment, no logging in or website address needed.

How do I read past entries?

-Look on the right hand side of the page for "Archives"
-Click on the name of the month to read the entries within that month

How can I subscribe to your blog?
Well, there are many ways to do that...

-While on the homepage (click the orange "Home" button above my picture to get to the homepage), press and hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard. While holding the CTRL button, press the "D" key. This will bring up the bookmarking box. Click a finishing term like "Ok" or "Done". To access the blog, just click on the blog name under your Bookmarks tab (same level as "File" "Edit" "View" right under the top titlebar). The process is different for each browser. To access more information, click on "Help" while in your browser.

RSS Feeds:
Being honest, I never have used these myself, so I am not all that sure how this works for everyone.
-Click on the "RSS Entries" tab (located right below the blog's title)
-This will reload the page to a boring, all text type page
-You should have a box to select the specific feed reader program you want to use to subscribe to my blog

E-mail subscription:
-E-mail me at cambridgeonthetrot@googlemail.com with a request to be subscribed by e-mail. I will add you to the list e-mail client here on Blogger. (You will receive an e-mail each time I post a blog entry. Not sure if this includes when I update an entry or not.)

If you have any questions/comments/concerns not listed here, feel free to e-mail me at cambridgeonthetrot@googlemail.com