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Hiking & Grasmere

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I got up and ate breakfast this morning before our hike. We leave with Dr. Hogg in the bus around 9:15am for Grasmere. We get out of the bus and head up the mountain. Dr. Hogg talked at different points about Wordsworth and his literature, plus the different sights we were seeing. The hike was about a 3-4 mile hike. There were a lot of sheep everywhere, so I now have many pictures of sheep.

Scenery from the hike

More scenery from the hike

Even more scenery...

Dr. Hogg


We get into town and walk around to where all the Wordsworth family was buried. Then, we had some free time to go and do what we wanted. First off, I went to the gingerbread shop to get some of the famous Grasmere gingerbread that comes from a recipe hundreds of years old. After that, I went to the post office to mail off some postcards to my parents. For lunch, I had a panini at a cute little cafe place. Seems like I had dessert and lunch switched around. Haha!

Gingerbread...yum yum!

After given a little while to explore the town, we were off to tour the Wordsworth museum and house (Dove Cottage). They didn’t allow any photography. Dove cottage had 2 floors, many rooms, and a garden. We went to the first kitchen, over to a bedroom, into the next kitchen, saw the “fridge” (room built over a creek that was very cold), up the stairs to the dining room, over to Wordsworth’s bedroom, into a sitting room, and finally saw the children’s bedroom. The floors were the original wood planks, complete with the burn hole at the top of the stairs where a bucket of hot coals were once sat down. Also at the top of the stairs was the cuckoo clock that Wordsworth had. This type of clock was very rare and people came from all around to see Wordsworth’s clock. The garden had a place at the top of the hill for people to sit down and admire the view over the house. We loaded up the bus and went back to the hostel.

No wonder Wordsworth could write so well, a person would be awfully ill-fated if they were not inspired by the beautiful countryside where Wordsworth lived. I mean, seriously...take a look at this sunset...

Windermere sunset looking outside my bedroom window...

Another picture of the sunset...

New word of the day: aubergine = eggplant

Cheerio poppets!


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