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The Lakes District

Posted by Melody

I got up this morning at 7:30am and went to breakfast. I had 2 fried eggs, sausage, potato wedge, brie cheese, a chocolate pastry, and apple juice. After breakfast, the bus pulled out for the Lakes District. I slept on the bus until our first rest stop a couple of hours into the trip.

When we came into Windermere, Andy gave us an hour to roam and so we do. I had not had lunch, so I went into a homestyle bakery called Butterworths Delicatessen. I had a brown roll with roasted turkey, stuffing, and cranberry chutney. It was high quality at a low price. Always a good deal! I left there and got on the bus.

We arrive at the youth hostel and got the bus unloaded. We had a little bit of free time before our lecture and dinner, so I settled my stuff and then took myself a nap. I got up about 15 minutes before 5pm and headed down to meet Dr. Hogg. I sat with Andy while the rest of the group came in. Dr. Hogg discussed different Wordsworth's poems, the context that they were written in, and showed us where we were on the map. I always like looking at a map to find where I am. I have no clue why. It is just something that gives me fulfillment.

After the lecture, we were dismissed for another hour before dinner. I went upstairs and made my bed, then checked my e-mail and so forth. I had turkey curry with vegetables and pita bread for dinner. For dessert, I had an apple crisp with a cream base. It was amazing. After dinner, I came back up to the room and hung out for a while. Around 10:30pm, I decide to go out and look at the stars.

It is almost pitch black here. There are a few outdoors lights, a road in the distance, and a couple of lights near the road. Other than that, it is completely dark. The stars were absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen so many stars. I stayed there for a few minutes and then came back in...and then went back out with more people...and then came back in. Then it was bedtime.

New word of the day: cheeky = sassy/naughty/mischievous

Cheerio poppets!


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