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Rock Climbing & Kayaking

Posted by Melody

Today was the day that we became outdoor people! We ate breakfast and then loaded up the bus. We drive to the little town and meet up with our guide, Linda. I have to say that I was not all too thrilled about rock climbing since I had tried it on a climbing wall at The Rush, and failed...but I decided not to let that hold me back.

We were given waterproofing stuff to put on over our clothes for kayaking, but most of us went ahead and put the stuff on so we could keep our clothes clean while rock climbing. I know, I know...bunch of city slickers. Haha! I did the beginner wall with Linda helping me out by showing me how to plan my steps and where to go. I succeeded! I climbed it! It really was not all that hard. I think the reason why real rock climbing was easier is that the rocks are sloped inward, like a mountain. It was not a constant struggle to keep against the wall and pull myself up at the same time. I might actually try real rock climbing again.

When everyone was finished with climbing, we loaded up and went to the lake at Ambleside to go kayaking. We had packed our lunches, so we sat there at the lake and ate our lunches. After lunch, we had a quick information session to allow Linda and the other guides to show us how to properly do things. Then we were off!

It was about the mid-30s temperature wise, and it was sort of windy. The kayaks were really close to the water. I had on 2 pairs of socks on plus tights, thermals (top & bottom), a t-shirt, my Y-12 sweatshirt, blue jeans, gloves, and the waterproofing things on...and I was still cold. About 15-20 minutes in, the cold had numbed me to the point where I was good with being out on the water. We paddle up the river (against the current) and saw the backside to the house that Robbie Williams had bought for his parents. It has a private docking area and all. Pretty spiffy. We spend about a good 2 hours out kayaking, then we came back down the river and got everyone (and everything) pulled out of the water.

When we got into the van, I pulled my gloves off. To my surprise, my fingers were swollen. I did not feel it before, but they were. Waterproof gloves? Yeah, uhmm...no.

We load up and go back to the hostel. I work on some homework and reading, went to dinner, and went to bed around midnight.

New word of the day: sweets = candy

Cheerio poppets!


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