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Chris Saved My Academic Bum!

Posted by Melody

For your information: My mom texted me last night saying that some of the family had been sending e-mails that would not go through. I am sure this is not happening to just my family, so if you have sent me an e-mail to which it did not go through, or there was no reply, please know that I am sorry and it was not that I was ignoring your e-mail. I love getting e-mail from you all! It is like a little bit of Christmas morning when I check my e-mail and see your encouraging and loving messages. Please check that you are sending it to cambridgeonthetrot@googlemail.com. Send some e-mails my way and let us see if it is working now. Thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog! Your support is really appreciated!

I woke up at 8:30am this morning and went to breakfast shortly after. I ended up getting two fried eggs and the full breakfast, minus the tomato (they break me out for some reason). I come back from breakfast, brought my homework up to date, then I got ready for Matt's birthday at Henry's. I had the carbonara (a pasta dish) for dinner, then the mint chocolate fondant (think a souffle looking lava cake) and a mocha for dessert.

I got back to the hotel and got a hold of Chris to help me fix my lappy. I went downstairs and unhooked the monitor from the school desktop computer and hooked it into my lappy. I felt so geeky having three screens (one not working, of course) looking at me, using lappy like I normally would, but looking at another monitor. Chris had me to download a program called TightVNC. It is a (V)isual (N)etwork (C)lient, and server, that uses the tightest bandwidth compressor. It is just like a remote desktop. It is genius, really. Chris saved my academic bum! I am really glad that Chris and I were able to work around the problem enough to where I do not have to panic about my lappy until I get back to the States.

New word of the day: prawns = shrimp

Cheerio poppets!


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