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Coffee & Making New Friends

Posted by Melody

I got up this morning around 7:30am. I was really excited because Lady Stephenson had Facebooked me to see if I wanted to meet for coffee. I accepted and we went to one down the road to a local coffee shop. This place had really good sandwiches too! Let us put it this way...chicken/cranberry/brie.

We come back to the hotel and I check my e-mail. I had been loading The Phantom Of The Opera overnight because I was in a movie mood, so I watched to the part where the Phantom declares war on both Christine and Raoul...and then I had 10 minutes to get to class. We had a guest speaker today. She went on the Cambridge trip years ago and now lives near in England.

After we were dismissed, I had a cup of coffee and then went to the library. There were just three people, including me, studying in the section of the library where I was. This girl lost her paper and asked me if I knew anything about computers. Of course I do, so I went and tried to see if I could recover her document, but it was a lost cause. I tried everything. I felt really sorry for her because she said she had been working on it for 3 hours and she had a whole other list of stuff to do.

We three were up pretty late studying our different topics. We made it fun by taking study breaks together and talking about random stuff. They loved dropping new words on me. I loved learning the new words. I have decided that I am going to start writing these new words down because sometimes I forget all the different ones that I want to share with you.

New word of the day: trolley = shopping cart

Cheerio poppets!


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