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Chocolate Cures Cabin Crazies

Posted by Melody

How's that for alliteration?! I ended up sleeping until 2pm. Finally surrendering to the day, I went to the annex to fix myself a sandwich. My stomach was growling for two sandwiches, but I could not even make it through one! I do not know why, but my appetite recently has not been up to par. Two people from the group were feeling a little cabin fever, so I decided to go along since I was too.

We hop on our bikes and eventually end up at The Cow for dinner. Dessert was good enough for me since the sandwich from earlier had filled me up so quickly. I ordered the double chocolate fudge cake and a mocha. The look on my colleague's eyes when they brought the cake to me was PRICELESS! One of them could not finish all of his pizza, so he offered me some of it. He had pepperoni and jalapeno pizza. It was not hot at all, it was actually just enough spice and nice. I really liked it and might order one myself next time I go. We sat there and laughed and talked about so many things. It was an enjoyable time.

We hopped on our bikes to come back to the hotel. We go into the annex and watch "The IT Crowd," which is a British comedy. We watched 3 episodes of it; "The Work Outing," "The Golden Child," and "Moss and the German." It was not the funniest thing that I have ever watched, but it was funny enough that I did not mind watching 3 episodes. I came back up to the room and prepared to go to bed.

New word of the day: torch = flashlight

Cheerio poppets!


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