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Productive and Popular

Posted by Melody

I got up at 8:15am and started getting dressed for breakfast. I went down around 8:40am thinking that I would find myself in the middle of the breakfast crowd. I actually found the hotel’s front door to be locked, but they gave us a key, so I just let myself in. Once in, I realized that I was one of the very first people to come down to breakfast. I ordered a fried egg with the full breakfast, minus the tomato, and coffee.

After breakfast, I went back to the room to pack up my stuff for the library. It was not as cold this morning as it was last night. When I checked my iPod last night right before I hopped into bed, it said that Cambridge was at 26°. It did not feel exactly that low, but I knew it was colder than I was used to. I arrive at the library just a few minutes after 10am (opening time), lock up my bike, and go in.

I go up to the second floor to the silent study areas, which is also where they keep the music scores and listenings, and find myself a spot with a sunny view. I finished the second British History paper in no time. The source paper was a bit to read, but not all that bad.

After the paper, I took a few minutes to eat an apple and play one game of Tetris on my iPod. I know, I am such a nerd. Then it was back into homework, this time Blake’s “Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience.”

I left the library in search of a place to eat. I rode around on my bike all around Cambridge for about an hour just for fun and landed myself in the pub called "The Cow." I have been there before and I knew it was a cool place, so I just chained up my bike and went in. I ordered the chicken burger with burbon BBQ sauce. There was a small salad that came with it, so that was cool. While I was sitting on my nettie updating the blog and eating, they started the Sunday night pub quiz. These two girls (Meg and Isabelle) were having a hard time, so I told them to come over and I would help them out since I knew a lot of the answers. I met their two friends shortly after that.

We exchanged numbers and made plans to hang out sometime soon. I have got to go now, but before I leave...

Lorry - Truck, like a U-Haul truck
Articulated Truck - Transfer truck/Semi
Van - Not a minivan, but one of those like florists use.
I should jug you! - I should take this pitcher and knock it across your head!
Wheelie bin - Trashcan

...yeah, that's it for now.

Cheerio poppets!


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