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Laundry & Library

Posted by Melody

I get up around 7:30pm and go to breakfast. I got some yogurt and mixed it into the corn flakes. I went back to the room and packed up my dirty laundry to make my first trip ever to the Laundromat. Two weeks worth fit in my backpack, so I was very happy. I went to the Co-op (Co-operative Foods; a grocery/convenience store) to get laundry soap and dryer sheets. I got these tablet things that are in their own little packets. Score! No mess laundry FTW (for the win)! I noticed today that I have little bungee cord things on my bike where I can put stuff, so I tied up my bag, put it under the bungee cord things, and made my way to the laundry place.

I got there and things were simple enough. I threw my entire load of dirty laundry in, put it on cold (since I had 2-3 whites), put my money (3 pounds) in the slide thing, and voila…it started. I get my nettie (the nickname for the little netbook) out and start doing some homework while the laundry was in. It finished in no time and was ready for the dryer. The dryer was 20p, which I thought was cheap, but then I understood why it was so. It only ran for maybe 5 minutes on 20p. I put in about 5 more 20p coins and it was almost done, but I decided that was all I was going to spend and started folding my laundry.

I went back to the hotel to put my stuff up, checked my e-mail, and headed back out to the street where the church is to see if I could find a coffee shop that had free wi-fi. I found a Subway first, so I stopped in there since I was hungry anyway. I got the Spicy Italian with pepperjack cheese (they call it “peppered cheese”) and BBQ sauce. I know it sounds weird, but it’s good. I made it a meal, for a pound more, so I could get a drink and a cookie too. I found the prompts I needed on the internet there and went to the library to write my paper for British History class.

I managed to get one of the two British History papers finished. I packed up my stuff and went to the loo before heading back to the hotel. When I got back, I jumped straight into bed.

Goodnight poppets!


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