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Leaving Bath & Stonehenge

Posted by Melody

I got up out of bed at 7:30am this morning and started packing my stuff. Today is the day that I leave the city of Bath and go back to Cambridge. I really like the city of Bath because there are places to go and nice shops to browse through. I guess we can say that I will miss the breakfast too. For my final breakfast in Bath, I had an egg, orange segments, dried apricots, brie cheese, potatoes, and a cheese & fruit Danish. After breakfast, I went to Waitrose (a grocery store) to get a sandwich for today’s lunch, and then got on the bus.

So, here we are off to Stonehenge. On the way to Stonehenge, I saw these guys out in the field with flags waving them around. I found out later that they were about to go pheasant hunting. They shoot the birds and then the dogs retrieve them. I do not quite understand it, but I guess that is because I am not a hunter.

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We arrived at Stonehenge and started on our way to see it. We received audio guides to aid us along our way. I just cycled through each one while walking slowly. It was freezing cold outside. I do not think it would have been all that bad had the wind not been blowing constantly at a crazy rate. Toward the end of the trail, it started sleeting. I walked back to the bus so I would not turn into an icicle. Everyone loaded up and we went along our way to Cambridge. It took about 3 or more hours to get back. Today has been a very long day. I woke up sort of early, hauled around my heavy stuff two times, and got bitterly cold at Stonehenge. I was tired to say the least, so I took a nap. That nap turned into an all night's sleep. Oops!

Goodnight poppets!


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