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Schedule, Schmedule...

Posted by Melody

I got up at 8:15am this morning and went off to breakfast shortly after. After breakfast, I came back up to the room and sorted through all the e-mails in my inbox, then started putting some classes on the online class planner thing for this coming semester (Fall 2010). I did not put them all because I had some questions about my senior recital and one class that I think Cambridge covers for. I e-mailed all parties included in those decisions and then started working on some homework.

I biked to class and we jumped into the the discussion of a theodicy on the magnitude and duration of evil. We did not even get through 5 pages of it, and there were like 20-30 pages. Apparently God thought He should smile down on me today because Lord Stephenson made some announcements about class that just made this week a lot easier for me to handle.

After class, I went with most of the group to The Cow. I ordered the Chicken Fajita pizza. I had a craving for crushed red pepper for some reason, so I loaded the crushed red pepper olive oil onto my pizza. I will probably wake up in the morning with tons of blemishes and oily skin, BUT MY PIZZA WAS SPICY! I sat around listening to everyone talk for a little while, then decided to leave and be productive.

I went to the library and worked on my Advanced Class Selection courses for next semester's schedule. Due to either the internet at the library being slow, the servers at Lee being slow, or both, I was sitting for at least 2 hours re-uploading, re-submitting, and babying WebAdvisor. A billion e-mails and Facebook chats later, I finally had my schedule up and ready for registration.

Here is what I have planned (not including the senior recital and applied lessons - I find those out about the 2nd week into the semester)...

Monday: Earth & Space Science10-10:50am
Intermediate Spanish I1-1:50pm
Intermediate Spanish Cafe2-2:50pm
Earth & Space Science Lab3-4:50pm
Tuesday: Senior Capstone9:10-10:25am
Methods - Elementary1:10-2pm
Methods - Vocal/General2:10-3pm

Wash, rinse, repeat...

Hmmm...wash, rinse, repeat...that could totally become another way to describe my never-ending homework. Haha! I know I will get this stuff done soon enough. By the way, the long scroll down was unintentional. I made a table to format my schedule here for you, but it decided it wanted to make a grand entrance.

What project have you been working on lately?

New word of the day: spot on = right on target

Cheerio poppets!


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