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Badger, Mushroom, Snake...

Posted by Melody

I got up at 11am this morning and felt dumb because I missed breakfast. I really did mean to go, but I just could not pull myself out of bed. I checked Facebook and decided to change my status to, "Melody Bolinger's plan for the day...think of the badger, badger song...now replace badger with homework, mushroom with blogging, and snake with thesis...yup, pretty much sums it up..." For those who do not know the "Badger, Badger" song, then you can get educated with the video below. Then you will understand my status more. I warn you, this song can be addicting because of the sheer randomness...

I chose that for my status today because my thoughts were that all I was going to be able to do today was homework, homework, homework. The way I thought it out made me think of the badger song, so there...and then I started on my homework. I took a break for lunch because my head was killing me, and I figured lack of food the last couple of days had something to do with that. I had beef stew with dumplings. It was a frozen-type dinner that I got from the Co-op (Co-operative Foods). It was a lot better than the shepherd's pie to be honest. It had real beef in it, instead of that nasty beef mesh substitute stuff that is normally in microwave dinners.

I started working on homework again and then finished up the blogs for this entire week. All caught up on the blogs now...awesomeness! Homework, eh...not so much.

New word of the day: knackered = exhausted

Cheerio poppets!


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