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In The Back Of Beyond

Posted by Melody

I wanted to get up around 8am this morning to take a shower, but ended up getting up at 9:30am. It was nice to sleep in. I dried my hair with the weirdest looking hair dryer ever. It looked like a little vacuum cleaner attached to a wall. After that, we all sort of waited around for a few minutes until the reception lady called us to give us a ride. Brooke went to reception earlier to get us internet and mentioned that we were going to walk to the grocery store. The resort people would hear nothing of it, so they said that they would take us into town anytime we needed it.

The manager of the resort, Gerr, took us into town so we could go to the grocery store. We got all sorts of stuff. We got two frozen pizzas for tonight (one cheese and one pepperoni), then stuff to make spaghetti and stir fry for the other days. We also got stuff for lunch and breakfast. Gerr drove us back and we put all the stuff up, then watched television until around 5:30pm. There is nothing to do at the resort, unless you pay for a game of golf or bingo, and it would take 30 minutes or more to walk to the nearest town. We are literally in the back of beyond.

After dinner, we realized that we had forgotten to pick up any sort of dessert for the week. We watched more television, including American Idol, Coronation Street, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Red Dragon (Hannibal). The girls went to bed and I typed up some stuff while Hannibal was finishing up. Creepy movie.

New word of the day: rubber = eraser

Cheerio poppets!


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