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England To The Emerald Isle

Posted by Melody

I got up at 8:30am this morning and packed up my stuff. I went downstairs to breakfast. I had a cranberry Activia yogurt, a chocolate pastry with chocolate spread on it, and hot tea. After that, we all walked down to the Hexham Abbey for the 10:30am church service.

The service was like any other liturgical Sunday service except that it was Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom and I got to see a little baby be baptized. The service was longer than expected, but they gave every woman a little potted flower. I walked back to Andy’s at the end of the service and the group followed shortly after. I went in and gave Cath the potted flower. She really liked it, and then I told her to expect about 20 more. Haha!

The group just hung out in the game room for a while until supper was ready. Cath had fixed rice and the choice of either chicken curry or chili. I had chicken curry first, but switched to chili for my seconds. I kicked a ball around with Drew and James for a few minutes until the bus was ready to pick us up. We all walked to the end and hopped onto the team bus. Not too many minutes later, we were checking in at the Newcastle International Airport.

Our gate opened up and we all went off toward the plane. We walked down the stairs and onto the tarmac to load the plane. I had a window seat, and I just kept my face glued to the window. It was an absolutely gorgeous view. It was partly cloudy outside and full of beautiful countryside and sunshine.

We land and all of us grab our bags. I leave with my Ireland group and go outside to hop onto a bus for the bus station, then onto a bus for Limerick. It was a sweet coach. The seats were real cushy and the headrests were soft. It was a little bit over a two hour ride. When we got to Limerick bus station, we hailed a taxi. We all got in and made our way to the resort with our taxi driver, Michael. Thirty minutes or so later, with a 60 euro tab, we arrived and found our little home away from home.

It is a two story space with the kitchen, living room, and a full bathroom downstairs. Upstairs is the two twin bed rooms and another full bathroom. We unpacked and watched television for a little while before going to bed.

New word of the day: knocked up = someone called early in the morning and woke a person up

Cheerio poppets!


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