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Techno Babble

Posted by Melody

I slept in until 3pm due to not sleeping very well. I went to the library around 5pm. I took my laptop with me to upload the pictures I have taken the past few days to the blog. Well, that did not work out as planned. Apparently, my laptop screen is refusing to work. I know the laptop itself works because I blindly logged-in and it did so. This is a royal pain in the bum. I guess I should have expected something like this since the laptop is over 7 years old, but I wish it would have held off another month until I got back to the States. All of my work is there for my thesis paper and all of my other coursework.

I am going to see if the IT desk at the library has a cord where I can hook my laptop to another monitor. If I can do that, I will load all of my stuff to the school computer and send my laptop off to the States to be fixed. I just hope that HP still makes the replacement parts for my display. When the charging jack got worn out a year or so ago, they had to replace the entire motherboard to fix the problem (because my laptop motherboard is not one of those where you can just remove and replace a bad section), and there were no new motherboards. The place ended up having to send my laptop to HP to have their people repair my motherboard.

I could fix this problem myself if I wanted to because all I would have to do is get the replacement part. It would involve taking about half of my laptop apart to fix, but I have done that before anyways. I asked my friend Chris about it since I trust him completely with the life of my laptop. I mean, come on, this awesome genius from Tennessee was being pursued by NASA. Chris was who taught me most of my computer knowledge. Anyways, he said that it was probably one of three things: a frayed power wire, the monitor power core died, or a cascade chemical leak made the screen unresponsive to electricity. I heart techno babble. Haha!

Anyways, I sat there in the library for 3 hours trying to bring my laptop screen back to life. There is only so much I can do without my laptop fixing kit. I forgot that the library closed at midnight on Friday. I got back to the hotel around 12:30am.

New word of the day: mollycoddle = to overprotect and pamper

Cheerio poppets!


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