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Taking Care Of Business

Posted by Melody

I woke up this morning at 7am and went to breakfast at 8:15am. Drew sat down at the table I was at and we started discussing the midterm. I asked him if we could review and study together for the midterm later. He said that would be fine and we made plans to meet in an hour or so. I went back to the room and tried to finalize my answers for the midterm. We met and studied for about an hour. It really helped me because I like hearing different views on things. He said some things that I had not considered, but definitely wanted to include in my answers. I headed back up to the room to got ready to leave for class. I biked to the church and waited on the midterm to start.

It took me about a little over an hour to finish the all essay midterm. When I did, I loaded up and went to the library. After that midterm, I was drained and was about to fall asleep at my little study carrel. I introduced myself to the guy sitting across from me and asked him if he knew of any nearby coffee places. Then I asked him if he would like to help me find one, and he was cool with that. It was raining outside and I did not have an umbrella with me since I had come into town on my bike. Actually, I do not have an umbrella here anyways. Manuel was really nice and shared his umbrella with me. *sings* You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay..." Haha!

We got this bright idea to go into an Indian restaurant to get coffee. It actually did not turn out to be so bad. The atmosphere was pretty cool and we got to sit on a comfy couch. We talked for hours over my mocha and his coke. We left and went to his hostel to meet up with his friends. We all...Manuel, me, Matthias, Julian, Marina, Nichol (the Italian guy who doesn't have a Facebook), and Andre set off to a nearby pub called The Avery. We find a table and go order. I ordered potato skins. Back at the table, all of us were getting our cultural fix for the day. All of us were asking all kinds of questions to each other. They were really super fun people and I learned a lot from them. It was getting pretty late, so we started getting our stuff together.

Manuel got my iPod from me so he could put his name on it to find him on Facebook. When I looked at his name, I realized that I had been "technically" talking about him all night. Part of our conversation centered around how we both liked driving manual cars. That is all I am going to say about that. It became our inside joke. We all left and walked back to the front of their hostel where we talked for a little bit and then I let the group in on the joke. They thought it was hilarious too.

I end up back at the hotel around 2:15am. Then I found that I was locked out of the room. The lock on the door had been kind of loose for the entire trip, but not to the point where it caused any trouble. Now, of all times, it decides to cause trouble. I did eventually get into the room.

New word of the day: argy-bargy = argument

Cheerio poppets!


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