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Posted by Melody

Brooke woke me up this morning at 10:15am. It startled me half to death...twice...

Today was the day we would be taking a day trip to Ennis in search of traditional Irish music. I got dressed and packed my day pack. We caught a ride on the East Claire blue bus that picked us up at the resort at noon. He dropped us off at the Ennis bus station because we wanted to check the times and prices of the train to Dublin tomorrow.

We walked to the town centre and explored that which is Ennis. After an hour or so of walking around and looking at the different shops, we both decided that we were hungry. We finally found a pub called Brogan's that served the Irish specialty of corned beef and cabbage.

Brooke and I shared the plate since there was SO much of it. Even though it is called corned beef and cabbage, it does not have any of the gross connotations to it. When I personally hear of "corned" anything, I am thinking, "Ewww, it is mushed meat with sugar in it so you think it might taste good." I could not be more wrong in this case. Corned beef and cabbage in Ireland is like the American equivalent of saying two small ham steaks with cabbage, plus carrots and fries. No joke. The flavour of the pork was just amazing. It had to be one of the best meals I had while across the pond. Hands down.

After lunch, Brooke and I went around and looked at more stores. We went in this two euro store that had a whole bunch of bags of candy for two euros each. We got these little chocolate shell things that were not all that good after the 4th or 5th one. We went into this one little music store. It had all sorts of traditional Irish instruments (like the tin whistle and bodhran) and traditional Irish sheet music. I did not end up buying anything because all of it was either going to take all I had or more. I did enjoy flipping through the books and asking about the different instruments though.

We were a little tired after half a day of walking around, so we decided to go back to the bus station. I am sad that I did not get to hear the traditional Irish music I came to Ennis for, but I technically still have two days left in Ireland.

Tomorrow we will head off to Limerick and then take a bus to Dublin for the night.

New word of the day: bugger off = go away

Cheerio poppets!