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The Watermill

Posted by Melody

I got up at 7am and went to breakfast. I went off to the library after that to study. I got to the library and it was a little crowded, so I went to St. Paul's and studied in the little room upstairs called the "green room". I worked on my checkpoint stuff until around 2:30pm when I went downstairs to do my checkpoint thing with Lady Stephenson. I went back up to the room and studied until it was time to go to the Watermill for dinner with Dr. Melton as a group. Dr. Melton is the dean of the college of arts and sciences at Lee University. He was coming in place of the university president, Dr. Paul Conn.

I biked there, which did not take me long at all, so I walked around for a bit and then went in. We all get in and sit down. The restaurant had a great atmosphere about it. We got to sit in the room where the actual wheel was for the mill. They had it encased in glass to keep the cold out. Starters were served. I had the smoked salmon and prawn salad. It was really good. For dinner, I had the salmon penne. I know that sounds like a lot of salmon, but the other options (on paper at least) were not all that much to my tastes. The other two options (we were on a group menu by the way) were like pizza and some salad option. Although, I have to say that the pizza looked like it was good. Had I not been in a snazzy Italian place, I probably would have liked to have it. For dessert, we had this fruit compote crepe thing. It was good. After dinner, I went back to the library to study for a while.

New word of the day: bubble and squeak = cabbage and potatoes

Cheerio poppets!


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