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St. Patrick's Day In Galway

Posted by Melody

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I woke up at 7am and got my day pack together. We four girls got a taxi and set off to the Ennis bus station. Our bus for Galway came about 30 minutes later. About an hour and a half after that, we arrived at the Galway bus station.

We walked through the town and went in a bunch of different shops. I bought shamrock earrings in a shop called Tribes. How awesome is that, shamrock earrings bought IN Ireland ON St. Patrick's Day. That might or might not have been planned. While in the store, I heard a song that I really liked...but it never came to me to ask what it was. The chorus started out with "Ireland" and ended with "...and have a good time". We ran into some people from the group and walked together until after the parade. The parade lasted two hours and had some cool music in it.

When the parade was over, we walked around to see the Spanish Arches. Our group got bigger as over half of us ran into each other in another souvenir shop.

My group (plus Katie, Lauren, Drew, and Amber) decided to break off and go to the cathedral to have a look around. Upon entering, a priest gave us a little charm with a saint on it and then said, "If you would like to pray, Jesus is present over there," and pointed towards one direction. We walked around and observed the interior decoration. We sat for a few moments and talked about the cathedral. I noticed how green it was in the little circular skylighted dome. The ceiling was very colorful and decorated with mostly mosaic tiling.

We left and tried to find a place that served corned beef and cabbage. We walked in a bunch of places and was not able to find it, so we just settled for Subway since the pubs were so expensive anyways. I had a chicken tikka sub since I have never heard of that before. It was good. We left there and walked around the town some more. We left the rest of the group and we went to Spar to pick up dessert for the night plus spaghetti sauce.

We walked back over to the Galway bus station and waited for the bus to take us to Ennis. Once at the Ennis bus station, we hailed a taxi to take us back to the resort. We chose an older man in a black Mercedes to be our driver. We were choosing older people because we figured that they would be easy drivers and not try to kill us by speeding. Patrick, our driver, was super nice, drove like he cared about life, and even had a daughter our age. He had no clue where we were going, but we sort of knew the turns to take and we were good. We arrive back at the resort and got his card in case we needed him again.

We got inside and tonight was stir fry night. I boiled up both packages of brown rice and had the vegetables going. I had dinner finished and on the table about 30-45 minutes after I started it. The girls thought it was amazing, and rightly so since I am such a good cook. I rarely brag about anything, but my cooking is one of those things that I know I do well and I take pride in it.

We ate then watched Coronation Street and Emmerdale. The shows are British soap operas. We realized that the characters from Coronation Street looked a lot like those on Jeremy Kyle’s (like a helpful Jerry Springer without the wildness) 1000th show. After a quick Google search, we found that we were right. Part of the cast from Coronation Street played as people for the show entitled “I think my ex is sleeping with my brother.” It was hilarious. We put the food up and then Brooke and I headed off to bed.

New word of the day: solicitors = paralegal

Cheerio poppets!


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