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McClung Visits Cambridge 2010

Posted by Melody

I got up at 8am today and went down to breakfast. I noticed that we a nice surprise today, Mr. McClung had come to visit us! I threw Mrs. Sue through a loop by saying that I would have something other than my usual. I had a bowl of porridge and a hardboiled egg. When my breakfast came out, they had given me two hardboiled eggs. I knew I could never eat that much with my stomach feeling like it did, so I offered it to Matt. He told me that he had never had a hardboiled egg before. WHAT?! I tried to explain it to him as being like a fried egg without the oil and stuff…and in the shape of an egg. He tried it and liked it.

What do you like to have for breakfast?

I went back up to the room and checked my e-mail. I sent a lot of e-mail about my paper and random other stuff. After that, I started actually working on my paper. I went down for my checkpoint at 11:40am. After that, I went off to Homerton because I had received an e-mail from Dr. Burnard saying that she had me a DVD to pick up that would help me with my paper. I picked it up and went to the library to watch it. I did not realize that it was an interactive DVD that has to be played in a computer.

I left the library and went back to the hotel to do some work on the paper. I was a little hungry, so I made a stop into the annex. No one was in there and I finished eating what was left of my food (there was not much). I texted Dad and Ashley while I was sitting there. I went back to the room 10 minutes before 5pm to take my stuff upstairs. I came back down and the group decided to go to The Boathouse.

Mr. McClung was my 2 for 10 meal deal partner. We both ordered the Hunter’s Chicken. When the food came out, the entire group got theirs except for me and Mr. McClung. Ours came out as the group was finishing theirs. After dinner, the group split off and I went to my secret pub. I ordered a sticky fudge brownie with ice cream and a hot chocolate.

I got back to the hotel and packed up my stuff for Ireland. I am so excited for tomorrow because I get to stay at Andy’s house for my host home. After I had my stuff packed, I took my suitcase down to the annex. I came back up and went to sleep.

New word of the day: dotty = mildly disturbed

Cheerio poppets!


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