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Lady In London

Posted by Melody

I started packing my stuff for London this morning. I went to breakfast around 7:45am. We were then told that instead of having our luggage down at 10:30am, we would have to be out at 10am so the hotel could do bed linen changes. After breakfast, I came back to the room and slept until 9:40am. I got up and took my stuff down. The bus was not due until 11:30am. I went inside the hotel to have a place to sit down. I just sat there and updated my iPod and texted with dad.

I got on the bus at 11:25am and we left for London about 7 minutes later. Our bus driver was a Scottish guy named Harry. He was an interesting driver. We talked all the way to the hotel. He pointed out stuff to me and told me some cool places to visit while in London.

We finally make it to the awesome Hesperia hotel beside of Victoria Station. Literally, I walked across the street and the entrance for the station was right there. Being so close to the underground is helpful because I can now officially navigate the underground...all by myself! Well, at least zones 1 and 2...because that was all my pass covered. London is not as scary as I thought it would be. The people in London are friendly and it is not all that hard to find where I am going. Of course, having a map in my hands helps with that too. Haha! I rested for a bit and then got ready to go see Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" performed by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. All 20 of us (including the 'adults' in that number) headed off to Victoria Station and managed to make our way to Piccadilly Square.

We had a little over an hour to get some dinner before the show, so Amber, Brittany, and myself found a place to eat. On the way there and back, we stopped by where the world premiere of Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" was at to see if we could see anyone important. We did not, but it was nice to know that we were in the same city as some big name actors and actresses.

We found our seats and started looking around. The stage was set up nicely. I loved the lighting coming from this one tall archway. It looked like real, soft sunshine coming through. The show started with this guy walking around the stage fanning incense everywhere while a few string musicians played. This is the play with the opening line that says, "If music be the food of love, then play on." It was really good. The second half of it was a lot more entertaining than the first. After the play, I found my way back to the hotel. It was not hard at all really. The underground is well signed and not hard to follow at all. I relaxed for the rest of the evening until it was bedtime.

New word of the day: afters = dessert

Cheerio poppets!


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