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Ride On

Posted by Melody

I had such high hopes and plans for my free day, but I got up this morning at 7am and felt really nauseous. I decided to sleep it off, not because I was tired or anything, I just did not want to take medicine that would make me drowsy. I figured that it would take a couple of hours to pass anyway. I woke up at 4pm, fit as a fiddle, and ready to get some things accomplished. Right, just a couple of hours.

I went to the annex to eat a sandwich, since I missed both breakfast and lunch. After that, I hopped onto my bike and headed to the library. I get to what I thought was the library about 10-15 minutes later, but it was really a multi-purpose building for the university. I found myself a classroom on the 3rd floor and settled.

I was really thirsty for some reason, so I took a study break and went to the hall. There was not a water fountain anywhere. In the bathroom, I found a separate faucet with a sign above it simply stating "drinking water." There were no cups in sight, so there I was doing this whole cup my hands thing. A funny sight indeed! For someone like me who usually does not like tap water, this water actually tastes clearer than water I have had from tap in America. It is not as clean and crisp as water from my Brita pitcher, but I cannot even begin to imagine how water from here would taste after run through the Brita pitcher. Like I said, I was thirsty. It sounds like I still am.

I get back into the classroom and started to organize my thoughts. My brain felt like I dumped a million different color post-its into a big pile and put it into a tornado. I pulled out my planner and the assignment calendars for all of my classes, then started to put all of the dues dates for the entire trip into that planner. I also made a short list of a few things I needed mom and dad to mail me. Finally, organizational peace.

I decided to dive into some of C.S. Lewis' non-fiction material, namely Mere Christianity. It is hard sometimes trying to follow his thinking processes because I do not always catch at first when he switches from his thoughts to his analogies. I enjoyed the reading though. I especially enjoyed his references to sheet music and the piano in terms of talking about human nature. I have to admit that I have never read any of his writings before, but I am enjoying the opportunity to do so now.

I left the library shortly after 11pm and came back to the hotel. Tomorrow, I will be in America for only a few minutes before visiting the Ely Cathedral here in England. I will share with you how that works tomorrow.

Cheerio poppets!


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