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First Day In Cambridge

Posted by Melody

Sunrise above the clouds

I was awakened around 7:30am by the lights and the wonderful sounds of breakfast coming down the aisle. My box had a thing of berry yogurt, a cinnamon crumb cake, granola, orange juice, and stuff to mix for coffee. Thank the Lord they had coffee!

I fill out my landing card to go through the UK border, and then run to the loo. (haha!) Since there was such a line and the plane would be landing shortly, the guy told me to go to the first class bathroom. It was a little more spacious and had all the pretty smelling soaps and stuff. I get back to my seat and get ready for landing. A few minutes later, we sunk beneath the snowy looking clouds into London’s Heath Row airport.

I didn’t get this mess, but the border people had their knickers (haha!) in a bunch because there were so many of us. Dr. Stephenson finally went to the counter to our rescue and straightened it out. So, when it was my turn, the lady commented on how lucky I was to go on a trip with the college and said to have fun.

We then went to the baggage claim area. I finally get mine and we all go through customs. I have to say I was expecting more at customs than a simple walk through.

We run run Rudolph to the other side of the airport until we find Andy. Everyone gets on the bus and off we go on the road to Cambridge.

I wanted to watch Andy drive and talk to him, so I pulled down the little staff seat thing and we talked until we were in Cambridge. He parked us in front of the hotel (in the middle of the road) and told us to hurry and get the bags off.

We put our suitcases in the foyer until after we were served lunch. Lunch consisted of soup, a big roll, and (for me) chocolate cake. Yum yum! Then the ladies came around and served us coffee. Oh my goodness I love this staff already!

Next were room assignments and the handing out of keys. So we go to our proper room and claim beds. I was trying to get my phone to work, but I was having trouble for some reason. I found that my adapters work. Both laptops just need adapters (and not voltage converters in addition) to work, same with my cell phone charger.

The view from my room

I took a walk around the block by myself to see what things were like. I was afraid of being run over! They drive on the left-hand side. I would stand at an intersection for a moment and try to flip-flop in my mind the rules, then run for my life across the street.

I get back and go into the annex to text everyone that I'm still alive. We had dinner at 5:30pm and it was amazing. Everything was so natural and wholesome. We had chicken breast with gravy, carrots, mashed potatoes, and cooked cabbage. SO GOOD! For dessert, we were given a rhubarb dish. It was rhubarb with like a crumb cake, but in cobbler style. SO GOOD! Like, you wouldn't believe it! I used to hate rhubarb, but not now! Not like that! With our dessert, we had a spot of tea. (haha!)

It's 7:30pm here and I want to get some good sleep, so I'm going to wrap up.

Cheerio poppets!


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