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Avebury & Long Barrow

Posted by Melody

After breakfast this morning, the group loaded up and headed out to Avebury to see the stone circle. We met up with Dr. Steven Byrd today. He took us into this repurposed set of stables where he gave us a lecture about the circle before we were to see it. We then walked around and saw the circle. We went through a gate and looked over another (very scenic) area to see the ditch that was built by the Romans. Then we circled around on the chalk pathway (which is the makeup of the ground in the area) to see another part of the site. We loaded up onto the bus and went to our next stop to see Silbury Hill and the Long Barrow Burial Mound.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Silbury Hill is a huge mound of dirt. No one knows why it was put there or what it was for. Steven said that they speculated it was used as some sort of a boundary, marker, or sign of some sort. We hiked up the huge and long hill to the Long Barrow burial mound. Steven said that the mound looked to be much larger than the burial area itself actually was. He said that people tried to dig in the other part of the mound and just found dirt. The burial area itself was laid out sort of like a clover. The area had 5 rooms in it. We were allowed to go in and, of course, the bodies buried there had been taken out.

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We come back down the hill and get on the bus to go back to the hotel. Pretty much it. I was beat.

Cheerio poppets!


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